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How to ACTUALLY deal with depression…

So, I know someone (not naming names) who was (happily...?) involved in a (very) manipulative relationship (if you could call it that). I thought he (yes, he) had finally gotten some sense into his thick head and broken up with her for good (when is that ever true?), but he went back to her again.… Continue reading How to ACTUALLY deal with depression…

one and dunn

Expecting, New, and Recently-new moms!

Calling all new and recently new moms! —Stroller Bag flash sale (ends tomorrow)! Visit and use promo code STROLLBAG —Baby Shoes flash sale (ends soon)! Visit and use promo code SPRING18 With all my love, Kimberly

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Public Library FREE Goodies!

I LOVE my public library system! They have so much to offer other than just books. Magazines. Audiobooks. Ebooks. Kids' play area. Cafe. Book buy. Recording studio. (WHAT?!) Show & Tech Roadshow. Online learning classes. Makerspace. Digitization stations. The Forum Theatre. Help for non-native English speakers. LOTS of study and meeting rooms. And, finally, the… Continue reading Public Library FREE Goodies!

Celebrate Today

Best day of the year!

Almost the best day of the year. It's at least ONE of the best days of EACH year. What am I talking about? It's celebration day! Today we celebrate: World Book & Copyright Day English Language Day National Talk Like Shakespeare Day Could today get any better?? 😀 With all my love, Kimberly

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National Poetry Month – Did you know…?

Did you know that poetry can be used to describe politics? Socrates poem We know Socrates as a philosopher, but did you know he was a poet? Honestly, it's the line of philosophy that easily can be turned into poetic thought. Do you know any of his famous quotes/speeches that could be used as poetry?… Continue reading National Poetry Month – Did you know…?