Jon’s Journey


Consider yourself forewarned.

This blog will not be pretty. This blog will not make you smile most of the time.

It will be heart-wrenching. Sad. Graphic. Honest. Real. Very real…

This is the blog of my husband Jonathon and Behcet’s Disease (a.k.a. Silk Road Disease), a new treatment plan for lifelong chemotherapy, an upcoming nervectomy to cut off all feeling below his lower back, and the additional struggle of ankylosing spondylitis (fusion of the spinal vertebrae).

Tissue box: check.
Ice cream: check.
Chocolate: check.
Medical dictionary: check.
Nothing to do for the next 3 hours of your life: check.

With all our love,
Jonathon & Kimberly


(P.S. – I posted this picture because it’s a Forget-Me-Not. I was asked what my favorite flower was, and all I could think about was this tiny, blue flower I saw one day while walking home from school. I never forgot about that tiny, blue flower. Just like I’ll never forget my love for my husband. <3)


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